The Director

Jürg Neuenschwander, Swiss Filmmakers Association (SFA)

Born 1953 in Signau, Emmenthal in Switzerland. Lives in Berne and Washington D.C.
Filmdirector, Mediaproducer; Head of the MediaLab at the University for the Arts Berne; works
in Switzerland and abroad, e.g. Tibet, Bangladesh, Mali, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, USA.
Scholarship from the Bernese Commission of Photo, Film and Video; Cristallo di Locarno;
Founder of Container TV, Film and Television Productions Inc., (1978); Media Consultant;
Director of Award winning, feature length Documentaries, Shortfilms, Art-Projects and
Multimedia Installations.

Films (Excerpt):
Waterline 35mm, in prep.
SOONER OR LATER, 90’ 35mm, 2000-2003
Encounters on the Milky Way, 94‘ 35mm, 1998-2000
The Power of Healing, 90‘ 35mm, 1994-1995
Shigatse, 94‘ 16mm, 1989-1990
My mother is in Sri Lanka, 90‘ 16mm, 1984.1985

Short films (Excerpt)
Swiss Africa Cup DigiBeta, in prep.
Ami Amadou, 50’ DigiBeta, in prod.
Freiheitsentzug, 45‘ DigiBeta, 1996-1997
Hey you!, 16‘ DigiBeta, 1998
The Promise, 24‘ DigiBeta, 1996
The Magic of Simulation, 25‘ DigiBeta, 1995-1996
Raschida, 35‘ DigiSP, 1993-1994
Konfrontation Aids, serie in 6 parts BetaSP, 1991-1993
Seeing means Living, 27‘ BetaSP, 1991
Fri-Art NY- Made in Switzerland, 42‘ 3/4 inch, 1984
On the mountain - auf dem Berg, 6‘ 3/4 inch, 1993
So Bern - Youth on the Street, 20‘ 1/2 inch, b/w, 1980

Installations and Art-Projects (Excerpt)
ZONES, interactive, 4-channel video installation 1999-2002
Schein, interactive video installation Bern 1998
The Presidents, video installation and performances 1984
ColorTV, installation 1982
Passagen, multimedia installation 1980

OUTLET, Head of art exchange project
between the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and
the University of Applied Arts and Conservation,
Berne. 2000-2001

Z’Programm sälber mache, Head of the
Community-TV-Project at the Tscharnergut-District,
Berne. 1978-1980

Teaching assignments and media consulting, since 1980
among others:
University for the Arts Berne, the Swiss Centre
for Media Studies MAZ, Lucerne, the Didactic Centre
in Solothurn and Fribourg.

USA: 1733 R Street NW, Washington DC, 20009, +1 202 316 56 81
Switzerland: Zinggstrasse 16, 3000 Berne 23, +41 31 371 10 42,

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