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Suspense, action and entertainment put "Encounters on the Milky Way" on a par with any feature film. But this documentary communicates issues way beyond milk and affecting everyday life: an optimistic view of the world and of time based on mutual knowledge, give-and-take and openness.
Fred Zaugg, Der Bund

As in "The Power of Healing" (1995), Jürg Neuenschwander relies on composing and orchestrating images and statements, action and sound. The result is essentially a plea for openness and tolerance made all the more charming for its humorous approach.
Reto Baumann, WOZ

In "Encounters on the Milky Way", tradition and progress are being contrasted in an entertaining and non-confrontational manner. Skilfully edited by Regina Bärtschi, impressive views of landscapes (camera: Patrick Lindenmaier and Steff Bossert) on both continents create a homogeneous space for encounters between north and south. A film that is as extraordinary as its title.
Gerhart Wägner, NZZ

What is also remarkable is that the author does not play on clichés of rich v. poor, progressiveness v. backwardness. Questions are being raised in an intelligent way that invites answers. A unique film, made from the heart and soul.
Michael Lang, FILM

The visit to Switzerland thus becomes a mirror for different realities and points of view, and the cow a symbol for debates about globalization, the environment, and cultural differences.
Marcy Goldberg, DOX

Jürg Neuenschwander's film is wonderfully conceived. It leaves plenty of room for mutual development while avoiding the overly simplistic contrast of rich north v. poor south. There is a wealth in the south quite unlike that in the north, and vice versa.
Claude Vallon, terre&nature

A true cow-coup!
Filmtipp, CASH

"Encounters on the Milky Way" is a witty, poetic film about perceptions and perspectives, outstanding for its deep respect for the people and very convincing, not least due to its great images (camera: Patrick Lindenmaier and Steff Bossert).
Daniel Gassmann, Laudatio Berner Filmpreis

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