Hamadoun Dicko:
  «Amadou, do you see the ugly cows?»
Amadou Dicko:
  «I have seen them.»
Hamadoun Dicko:
  «They don't have horns!»
Amadou Dicko:
  «They don't.»
Hamadoun Dicko:
  «They don't have humps!»
Amadou Dicko:
Amadou Dicko:
  "A cow should be kept to produce milk and butter. The most Peul think only about owning as many as possible, but not about making a profit."
Hanspeter Heimberg:
  "A cow with 6000 liters can be fed with basic feed. If it produces more it becomes a top-level cow. You could make the analogy with cyclists - I don't like doing that - and say: "Such a cow is being drugged, that means it is getting concentrated feed."
Amadou Dicko:
  The udders look like our big clay pitchers. There is only so much room between the udder and the ground! That means the udder nearly touches the ground. Therefore it cannot be milked manually, but they do it with machines. The cows are so big that it surpasses any imagination, as well as our understanding. If you haven't seen it with your own eyes, you cannot believe."
Hanspeter Heimberg:   "Milk for me is food that does not have the place value it deserves."
Hanspeter Reust:   "Milk is the Champagne of the Alps."
Amadou Dicko:   "If you compare this place with our place do you believe that we perhaps one day will have the means or the support to develop like they did? Because you have seen it with your own eyes: They are developed!"
Hamadoun Dicko:   What I believe, Amadou is that we have to work until we hurt!"
Hamadoun Dicko:   "Here our governments form their own ideas. They visit countries like Switzerland and look at the things. Then they come back and ask us to do the same. But that is impossible. You can't operate a cattle farm in our country like they do here."
Bokary Sankaro
(Marabout in Mali):
  "The world doesn't stand still, but has to change. God does not accept stagnation. The world is dominated by duality: Day follows night, the light follows dark. Those who resist change are in contradiction to their creator."
Boubacar Sadou Ly:   "The Vache Positive Planétaire is a quality mark our association for cattle breeding in the Sahel (APESS) has created. With it we want to express that there are cows that are close to all things and influence all things so that they become nobler and bigger. And it is not only the positive cow that has this effect, but also all its products. We should organize cattle breeding in the Sahel according to these guidelines."
Boubacar Sadou Ly:   "The marks on a cow's hide indicate the cosmic origin of each cow. Maybe this is imagination, but one should know what the cosmos wants in order to know what one wants."
Ueli Hurter:   "I see that differently. The cow lives from inside out, the cosmos, on the other hand, has an effect from outside in. You could say that the cow carries the cosmos in it stomachs. They indeed do cosmic work."
Amadou Dicko:   "We have visited many farms in Switzerland, but we have not seen a single one with a bull. If you want to breed you go to a special breeder who has bulls. You choose a bull, take your cow there and pay the owner money. If you don't like that, you can also go to people who keep some kind of seed clinics. You can choose if you want a cow or a bovine, whether it is going to be brown or spotted. You buy the seed and give your cow an injection."
Ein Fragesteller (ungläubig):   "And the cow becomes pregnant?"
Amadou Dicko:   "They all become pregnant!"
Ueli Hurter:   "The bio farmers are fundamentally opposed to breeding bulls. Most of the times they are bulls whose previous generations were submitted to artificial insemination and embryo transfers. I think that this is wrong, because these procedures come again from circumstances where the animal is being fed with some kind of soja replacement. This today means genetically altered feed. If we want to be consistent we have to refuse this."
Hamadoun Dicko:   "If men change something that was created by God, the development may slip out of their hands. Therefore I believe that they went too far with their development. This should not be done this way."
Hamadoun Dicko:   "If in you plant corn like this in our country and then you feed it to the animals, the people will hit you over the head!"
Amadou Dicko:  

"Except ..."

Hamadoun Dicko:   "They will hit you over the head. They will say that you brought disaster on mankind."
Amadou Dicko:   "Yes, at the beginning. But if you remain stubborn, until the people realize the advantages, they will eventually try to follow your example. Somebody has to make a start."
Hamadoun Dicko:   "Yes, you are right. That's why I opened a store in Baraboulé last year."

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